Mausoleum entombment is a very unique and highly specialized form of memorialization. Some of the best-known monuments in history are mausoleums.

What is entombment?

Entombment is the interment of human remains in a crypt. A crypt is designed to hold casketed remains. Following a casket entombment, the crypt is sealed and then a marble front is attached to the crypt.

Above ground entombment in a Lower Valley Memorial Gardens mausoleum crypt offers secure protection and is clean and dry because the burial containers entombed do not come in contact with the earth.

Types of Crypts

Lower Valley Memorial Gardens offers companion style crypts that hold two caskets, one behind the other or tandem.

Mausoleum crypts are memorialized with a bronze name bar and flower vase. The option to personalize the crypt by adding a loved one’s photo to the crypt’s shutter is also available.

The type, size, and location of a crypt will determine the final cost of mausoleum entombment. Our crypts are reasonably-priced to meet all wishes and budgets. Please contact the cemetery office for pricing and details.

Crypt Pre-Arrangements

Whether you desire an indoor or outdoor crypt, it makes sense to pre-arrange and pre-pay it ahead of time. By pre-arranging your crypt, you benefit by purchasing at today’s prices, protected from inflationary pressures in the future. Just as importantly, pre-arranging reserves the crypt type and location you desire.

Outdoor Mausoleum Crypts

The outside of our mausoleum also features affordable crypts. Our beautiful outdoor crypts offer the same exclusive elements of the indoor mausoleum crypts at a lower cost. Each crypt is constructed of reinforced concrete and faced with elegant granite fronts on the exterior. Birth and death dates are memorialized with bronze name plates and floral vases may be added as well.